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Obligations about Creation of BS Pages on BetaRill
2019-07-24 22:17:00 (Business: betarlll, br, business, bs, page)

 1. To create Company (project/commercial) pages, the Member must be the business's owner or a certified employee of the the company/organization.

2. Quantity of Company (project/commercial) pages - A BR Member can to have unlimited such pages, only different and disimilar by the pages' names and content (or similar but on different languages).

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Business Pages: how to use this?
2017-06-06 11:08:46 (: business page)

What is Business Pages on

It's a page which allows you to present any business of yours.

What Business Pages I can to create on

1. Company, 2. Project/Brand, 3. Figure (Perrson)/Group.

What do Business Pages display?

1. Posts & Events (displays News & Events about your business)

2. Goods (Goods offers (online store/store showcase) of your business for sale)

 3. Services (Service offers of your business which you can provide to your potential customers)

 4. Jobs (Job Offers of your company if you are looking for employees for your business)

5. Partnerships (Partnership Offers of your business if you are looking for new Partners)

6. Basic Info (Basic Info about your business)

7. Additional Info (Additional Info about your business)

8. Photos (Photos/Images/Photo Albums of your business)

9. Demands (Demand offers of your business)

What way do the above items display on Business Pages?

Separated tabs.

Who can to create Business Pages on

1) The owner of the business;

2) An employee of the company who will be to manage the Business Page.

How I can to create Business Pages on

1) UserNavBar => Menu =>  Create Business Page

2) Your User Profile => Business tab => Create a new Business Page (the green button).

How potential Customers will find my Business Page? 

1) Business Page Search

2) Interest Pages

3) Use Promotion Actions


Before creating of Business Page types like Project/Brand or Figure (Perrson)/Group, you will have to create Company type (business page).

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